Scavenger Hunt


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What is the study of life called? 1 Edit
The place where rays of light cross after they have been bent by a convex lens is known as the: 2 Edit
We studied the digestive system and what other system of the body? 3 Edit
What is the first name of Mr. Clark's wife? 4 Edit
What is Mr. Clark's favorite football team? 5 Edit
How old is Mrs. Clark? 6 Edit
When an image is projected through a convex lens is the image upside down or normal? 7 Edit
What two animals did we dissect this year? Put in order that we did them. Put a comma and a space between the animals 8 Edit
What is the independent variable in the following question? What is the effect of the type of fertilizer on the height of a plant? (3 words) 9 Edit
How many points does Mr. Clark give for regular daily assignments? 10 Edit
Done 11 Edit
Which one of the following would be considered a producer: mouse, pine tree, pine bug, bird. 14 Edit
Elements and compounds needed by organisms to stay healthy are called ______. 21 Edit


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